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Multi-function Portable Shipping Scales

Forget about hard work and repetitive tasks! With the Go shipping scales, you can both weigh and move products, all at once.

Besides, thanks to their rechargeable battery, these scales can be used everywhere, both indoor and outdoor. Moreover, as a full charge lasts over 300 hours and a 3-minute charge lets you use the scale for 8 consecutive hours, you don’t need to worry about a dead battery preventing you from working.

Thus, it makes your work quicker and easier. 

Easy Data Management

This industrial scale can be connected to any Bluetooth device. Use our mobile app for easy data management. Save all the data you need directly on the app, or send an Excel file to your email address.

Besides, thanks to its RS232 port, you can also connect it directly to any computer. This means you can choose which way suits you best.

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High Accuracy

The Go series has been so designed as to ensure accurate and precise weighing results even under harsh conditions. Even on uneven ground, the displayed weight will still be accurate.

Besides, the weight won’t change depending on where the goods are put on the plate. In other words, placement of goods doesn’t affect the scale’s accuracy.

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optional printer


Quick Printing Capability

These platform scales come with an optional printer, which becomes handy for inventory for instance. Let’s say you have 100 hundred boxes to weigh. You can print a ticket when weighing each box and attach it directly. Then, the weight will be available at a glance for every future control. 


Convenient Counting Function

This scale can also count pieces. Long gone is the time when you needed an additional scale just to count pieces. With the Go series, you can do it all with the same product: weigh, count, move. Work has never been so easy!

safe design

Strong Structure

It is shock-resistant and protects the load cell from damage in case of collision. Besides, in order to also protect the display, the handle has been equipped with an innovative system of springs to stop it from hitting the pan.

cart scale strong structure